Identify Key Issues To Resolve Disputes Efficiently

Together we will work to identify options, including litigating vigorously and professionally.  I will take a hard look at both sides of the arguments.  

If Your Company Faces Patent Litigation, My Firm Can:

Negotiate, serve as temporary and part-time in-house counsel to prepare your company including negotiating indemnity, assist with third-party discovery, and litigate.  My firm may also collaborate with or support other firms.

  • Even if your company is not facing immediate threats, I can advise on preparedness.

Consider Experience:

  • Led offensive and defensive patent litigation including litigation teams in multi-patent cases.
  • Successfully argued claim construction; won on summary judgment; defeated preliminary injunction; and succeeded on appeal to Federal Circuit.
  • Supervised discovery, argued discovery motions, took and defended numerous depositions, including depositions of inventors, experts, patent prosecution attorneys, and critical company witnesses.
  • Defended patent attorneys against allegations of inequitable conduct.
  • Advised clients in mediation.
  • Obtained and defended third-party discovery (subpoenas for documents and testimony).